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Last update   26.02.2015 12:09


If You have any complaint-claims to "Ardshininvestbank" CJSC , You can contact us by the following address:
  Head office
   -  0015, 13, Gr. Lusavorich Str., Yerevan, Armenia.
   -  Phone: (+37410) 59-05-26.
   -  E-mail: D.Khachatryan@ashib.am:

You can also visit OPINION page of the site or call our hotline at (+37410) 58-47-61.

Direction on regulating the investigation process of customers' complaint-claims.

Individual customers have a right to submit their claims, derived from the deal concluded between the bank and the customer, for consideration of the Financial system mediator.
Explanatory summary for disbute settlement.

Complaint requirements' analysing process

Upon demand of any person the Bank will provide all information and documents as specified by Article 20 (part 3) and Article 43 (part 2) of the RA Law "On Banks and Banking".
Information is provided within 3 (three) banking days after presenting a written application.
The information is provided free of charge.

The bank will also provide You with all the information and documents stated in the Articles 16, 120 and 126 (part 1) RA Law "On Securities Market".
You may get the information during the next working day after presenting a written application.
The information is provided free of charge.

You may present the information in person to the head office or to any branch, as well as send us via: office@ashib.am

Dear Customers,
In case of inconsistencies between the information in English and Russian languages
You need to be guided by Armenian version.
  The Bank is not liable for the accuracy and truthfulness of the content of any linked websites, as well as for the advertisements and possible consequences resulted from information use.
0015, 13, Gr. Lusavorich Str., Yerevan, Armenia
Telephone: (+37460) 27-04-04, (+37460) 27-05-05,   Fax: (+37410) 56-74-86   E-mail: office@ashib.am