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Last update   06.06.2012 17:37

Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia

RA law on Banks and Banking

RA law on Security Market

RA law on attraction of Banking Deposits

RA law on cash transactions

RA law to fight money laundering and terrorism financing

RA law on Financial Mediator

RA law on Guarantee of remuneration of bank deposits of physical persons

RA law on the Order of Discussing the Citizens' Suggestions, Applications and Complaints

RA law on Consumption Loans

"Registration and licensing of investment companies, registration of branches and representative offices of foreign investment companies and investment companies" CBA Regulation 4/01

"Requirements for the activities of persons providing investment services" CBA Regulation 4/07

"Rules for the funds protection of customers of persons, that provide investment services" CBA Regulation 4/12

CBA Regulation "On publication of information by banks, credit companies, insurance brokers, investment companies, Central Depository, payments processing companies" CBA Regulation 8/03

"Minimal requirements for the internal legal acts regulating the complaints process, customer requirements, and principles of review" CBA Regulation 8/04

CBA Regulation "On minimum requirements, forms and terms of the communication procedure between the Bank and depositor, creditor and consumer" CBA Regulation 8/05

Central Bank ADGF FHH

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