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Last update 24.02.2010  18:50

Ardshininvestbank offers to all importers and exporters the bank accompanying service in connection with Foreign Trade related transactions, including:
    – expert examination of the Foreign Trade Contracts
    – offering the optimal schemes of deals
    – advisory services.

Our team of highly experienced specialists will realize your bank servicing designed to:
    – minimize your financial and commercial risks
    – match our financial support to your business flows and terms of trade

This relationship-driven approach to trade finance underlines our commitment to growing your business, not just processing it.

Our Foreign Trade services include:

Letter of Credits

The Letter of Credits (LC's) issuing

    – Advising and Confirming of LC
    – Transfer of the LC
    – Stand-By Letters of Credit

International payments

    – Taking-up the documents
    – Checking the documents

Tariffs for Letters of Credit transactions


Documentary and Clean Collections

Tariffs for Collection transactions

    – Bank Guarantees issuing
    – Tender Guarantees
    – Advance Payment Guarantee
    – Payment Guarantee
    – Performance Guarantees

Tariffs for Bank Guarantees transactions

Phone/Fax: (+37410) 58-14-03


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