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Last update 04.04.2011  14:27

Ardshininvestbank offers values' custody and safekeeping in individual deposit boxes*.

By taking values into custody the Bank bears liability at real damage size, but not exceeding the appraised amount mentioned in the acceptance deed.

The safekeeping of the values is implemented according to the tariffs.

– The placement of the values into the individual deposit boxes is executed by the customer.

15.2.1 Safekeeping of values in individual boxes (at the size of guarantee which ought to be paid by Customer for the validity period of agreement concluded) AMD 15'000
15.2.2 In case the boxes are reserved starting from the next day of agreement validity expiration, penalty levied for each overdue day AMD 500
15.2.3 The bank bears liability For safekeeping of values in deposit boxes the bank bears liability at the size of declared value, but not exceeding AMD 1'000'000.
15.2.4 Rent for the storage of personal property in depository boxes

Size and tarriffs for safekeeping
Period for safekeeping (45X18X8) or (42.5X25.5X7.5)    (42.5X25.5X15.5)      (45X42X18) or (42.5X55X15.5)
1-2 days 1'500 2'000 2'500
3-7 days 3'000 4'000 5'000
8-14 days 5'000 6'000 7'000
15-30 days 7'500 8'500 9'500
31-90 days 15'000 18'000 20'000
91-180 days 22'000 25'000 30'000
181-270 days 25'000 28'000 32'000
271-365 days 29'000 33'000 39'000

* Safekeeping in individual deposit boxes is available in Erebuni, Shengavit, Kentron, Arabkir, Echmiadzin, Sisian, Goris, Yeghegnadzor, Kapan, Idjevan, Stepanakert, Martuni, Dilijan, Artashat branches and in the head office of the Bank.


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