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Last update 22.03.2010  16:49

Acting as RA internal state debt managing dealer and dealer of bonds market issued by the RA Central Bank, the Bank conducts active operations both in primary and secondary bond market. According to Custody Agreement signed between the Bank and the Customer, the Bank performs custody operations, opening and servicing depot accounts for Customers’ bonds.
Custody operations, including rates of bond transactions and depot account servicing, are established in accordance with the Bank’s
Basic Conditions of Custodial Activities.

On Customers’ instructions the Bank also conducts transactions both at bonds primary placement auctions and in secondary market.

Ardshininvestbank is one of the most active participants of foreign exchange market. The Bank executes transactions in USD, Euro, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Frank and RF rouble. The Bank’s flexible foreign exchange policy enables to offer competitive exchange rates at interbank foreign exchange market, which allows to maintain the Bank’s leading position in the banking system, ensuring high profitability.


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